S. Thomas Woodworks
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hand crafted with sustainably harvested

and reclaimed hardwoods

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About S. Thomas Woodworks

Sam Thomas is a woodworker based in Ventura County, California. Originally from Minnesota, he has lived in several different countries and across the United States. Sam got his start working in a woodworking studio during grad school, and now designs and builds custom furniture using sustainable and reclaimed domestic hardwoods. 

Sam's designs highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain and color, relying on clean lines and careful craftsmanship to produce works of simple elegance. His designs and philosophy of craft have been influenced by makers like Sam Maloof, James Krenov, Tage Frid, and George Nakashima, among others.

Sam is also a professor of religious studies and environmental ethics, with graduate degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Yale University.



“Making furniture has taught me things that contemporary mainstream life has not: there is virtue in patience; beauty is real even if it is subjective and difficult to define; paying attention to wood and tools has attuned me to other important things (human beings, the land, owls, to name a few); it is important to be aware of the ways in which we project our demands upon reality.”

Sam Thomas